Through The Eyes of the Spouse


‘Nothing affects us till it hits our own home’, goes the popular saying. We have heard of so many cancer cases in the last decade, but it hit us like a thunderbolt when my wife’s MRI report showed: ‘Carcinoma, Lungs with Spine and Brain Metastasis, stage 4B’. Apart from a persistent back pain, she had no other complaints or symptoms. Can you imagine how shocking this news was to all of us?

During this kind of crisis it is important to gather courage, face the situation and say, ‘Let’s do the best we can.’ Though most patients go through phases of denial, non-acceptance and trauma, but I can’t admire my wife’s courage to accept the situation, stay extremely positive and calm while she went through this ordeal.

When we visited the hospital for her check-ups, we saw so many patients – young kids, adults, and elderly people battling with the different stages of cancer. When you see so many people going through the same fate, you tend to ask yourself less often ‘Why us?’

As the disease progresses, and palliative treatment sets in, your patience, trust and resilience are put to test. This is the time when both patient and caregivers have to be able to accept the inevitable. It is important for all the near and dear ones to support, care, empathize and say ‘We did the best we could.’



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