Celebrating Children’s Day at Paediatric Cancer Ward


Indian Cancer Society’s (ICS) Emotional Support Group, Bangalore brought smiles on the faces of the child patients at Vydehi Hospital, Whitefield on November 14, 2016. There were tiny tots as young as 6 months old to slightly older kids of 12 years. For a while they forgot their pain and suffering they go through during their cancer treatment. The volunteers of ICS Emotional Support Group made sure that the paediatric patients of Vydehi did not miss out on the Children’s Day fun and they too got a flavour of the celebration.



The hour-long program of fun and activities was put together and organized by the volunteers Lipika, Manisha, Aditi, Supriti and her daughter Sylvia. They organized ‘Passing the Parcel’ game with slightly modified game rules to make sure that every child got a gift at the end of the game. The parents who accompanied these kids also enjoyed and had fun.




The game was followed by a Drawing Competition. The kids were given drawing papers and colours and they expressed their imagination and creativity through their drawings and paintings. Parents of those tiny tots who were too young to draw and paint, took the opportunity instead while their little ones watched over them.

There were several valuable cherishable moments during this session. There was a boy who was very weak and could hardly walk due to the after-effects of Chemotherapy. But when he was given the paper and colours he forgot his agony and drew a beautiful picture and walked off with the first prize.



Also, worth mentioning is the 6-month-old baby who was undergoing his second dosage of Chemotherapy. He constantly smiled and was jovial throughout the session. He caught the attention and affection of ICS volunteers and one of the volunteers just couldn’t resist taking him on her lap.

This was time well spent when the kids had some deviation from their routine, while they forgot their pain and joined the fun activities organised by the volunteers of Emotional Support Group of ICS.



Hope these touching stories inspire more people to come forward to contribute and help ICS’s Emotional Support Group in counselling and supporting the Cancer patients in different hospitals of Bangalore.


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